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An innovative white ceramic dish from Caltagirone that gives free rein to imagination and interpretation in the kitchen. It accommodates solids and liquids, desserts, decomposed foods, proposals between sea and mountains, oil tastings, vegetarian dishes, and... invites you to scarpetta!


Premiering at Milan Design Week 2023 in an exclusive event with chef Enrico Bartolini.

Pocopiano is not a simple dish

Pocopiano is a ceramic dish on a circular base. The trend of the shape returns a hollow inside it generated by a progressive slope. This dualism, a specific character of the plate, allows to store different types of dishes and to "create" a game of consistencies. Between solid and liquid, a new ritual related to food! Pocopiano, a name that reinforces the hybrid and amphibious aspect of the dish, is an invitation to tell a story, to go on a journey, to live a new experience made of rituals, contrasts and senses.

A project created by young people

Pocopiano's project was developed during the third edition of the Emersivi workshop, in October 2022, in the setting of EDIT Naples. Thirty designers under 30 measured themselves against the thought of Orografie, declining a brief focused on two specific areas: Food Rituals and Selfcare.

Designer Paolo Stefano Gentile
He lives and works in Milan dealing with design and art direction. He graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2019, the year in which he began collaborating with professional studios and developing personal projects. In 2020 Elle Decor included him in the list of the 30 best young international talents, in the same year he was included in the selection of young talents MFL. His projects have been published in leading industry magazines and exhibited at events such as Dutch Design Week, EDIT Naples, Maison&Objet, Milan Design Week and others.

Details and dimensions

Material: Caltagirone ceramics

Finish: semi-gloss white

Dimensions: Ø 29.3 cm

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